A Day On The Set of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1992)

Thirty years ago, a childhood dream come true

Paramount Studios, Melrose Avenue entrance

“Feel free to get in there, as close as you like.”

He motions me toward the imposing Panavision 35mm film camera, set up where the captain’s office wall would normally be. And I observe the well-practiced ritual first-hand.

  • “Settle down, everybody … settling … thank you” …
  • “OK, Roll Sound” … “Speeding” … “Production 40276–242” …
  • “Roll Camera” … “Rolling” … “Slate” … “Scene 31 — Take 1” (clap) …
  • “And … Action.”

“That’s good — print that.”

… the crew stops down, and repositions the camera to get “coverage,” first facing Data, and later facing Picard.

Single-Camera Film Production — Deconstructed

Try a little experiment, next time you watch a single-camera production like Next Gen. Turn down the sound first, then play a couple of scenes.

“Hello. What’s this?”

What strikes me most is Stewart’s natural voice. It’s different than Captain Picard’s. I can only describe it as mellifluous … effortless … suave. As is his manner.

“Oh, something for the plane!”

He thanks me, shakes my hand, and continues off to the airport to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, far across the pond.

I have the Bridge of the Enterprise … all to myself!

I’m nearly overcome with a powerful urge, to run around to the different stations … and press all the buttons I can … to see what this thing can do.

Michael Okuda with an “Okudagram” (from the Memory Alpha fan website)
Las Vegas Hilton hotel (photo by Michael L. Kaufman; via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0)
Cosmo Genovese, script supervisor (from Memory Alpha)
Elaina Vescio, studio security (from Memory Alpha)
Kiloquad (noun): A thousand … times four of something … times something else.

“Normally, no problem.

But Marina’s dressed as an amphibian, and has been lying in a tank of water for a couple of hours now.

And, well … she’s getting a bit cranky at this point.”

At home about two months later, I’m watching the elaborate costume and makeup ordeal the cast had to endure in that very episode — possibly the creepiest of the series — and honestly … I can’t say I blame her at all. :)



Personal blog (from a guy who’s made software, and video, and other stuff too). rondiamond.net

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Ron Diamond

Personal blog (from a guy who’s made software, and video, and other stuff too). rondiamond.net